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Certificate On Organic Production

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Certificate GE-BIO-117
Code GC/DM/ICP-3.8.4
is accredited by DAkkS


[ga-mar-dzho-'bat] (ge.) Hello!


 Unique terroir red wine under the brand name "Artevani" is made in Georgia - historic wine growing region Kakheti. The wine is made from an organically grown grape Saperavi. Our primary focus is on product quality, therefore wine production is limited.

We make organic wine with modern technology in compliance with the ancient Georgian traditions and principles of Organic Farming:
        - Single-vineyard grapes are used in the production and we try to emphasise the character of our soil in flavour and taste of our wine.
        - Without the use of chemical fertilisers.
        - Grown in rows, the grape receives micronutrients from the nutrient rich soil and neighbouring plants.
        - Grape is hand picked and only the best is selected.
        - Quality control is carried out to all stages: growing, harvesting, transporting, production, storing and bottling.
        -Vinification is made with modern technology in compliance with the ancient Georgian traditions, without the use of flavourings, colourings and other food additives.
 Quality Over Quantity

Organic wines

Organic wines are produced from grapes that grow in the natural condition and have a natural maturing cycle. Only the best grapes are picked that is why the wine has bright colour, full-bodied taste andnatural flavour. 




Каkhе́ti (ge. კახეთი [Kahе́ti]) — Edge and historic region in eastern Georgia, in the headwaters of rivers Iori and Alazani. Name based from "Kakhi"- the subethnic group of Georgians in Eastern Georgia, it is a suffix that indicates the habitat of this nation.





Excellent soils of the valley with a unique geographical location creates exceptional conditions for the cultivation of grapes. It is home to such well-known grape varieties for Georgian wines as "Saperavi" which in Georgian means "dye", "rkatsiteli"-"red horn”.

Traditional wines from Kvevri

Subsequent development of viticulture and winemaking led to the identification of valuable native grape varieties, as well as to direct the zoning on the vine varieties. Storage vessels were improved, as well as Georgian wine and it's ageing. These pitchers - Kvevri, aka clay pots - were the most important in the production of local wines.


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