Вина из Саперави очень медленно созревают и долго сохраняют свои качества (50 и более лет). Наиболее высокое качество вин из Саперави отмечается Еще »

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Certificate On Organic Production

The declared operator has submitted his activities under control, and meets the requirements laid down in mentioned standards. More »

Certificate GE-BIO-117
Code GC/DM/ICP-3.8.4
is accredited by DAkkS


Biodynamics appeared earlier than the "conscious" organic, and they are still developing parallel. Biodynamics - a separate issue, we note only the principal points of difference.
Basically, biodynamic is organic production, means that it is produced without chemicals (except sulphur) and it is a non-GMO product. Also, biodynamics intersects with astrology, as all practices and methods of cultivation are consistent with the phases of the moon and planetary positions. Many of these practices have no scientific explanation that makes biodynamics like religion. It's much harder. In terms of wine biodynamics, it doesn't separate from the viticulture winemaking, which has a single certificate on both sides of winemaking. In the world of a little over 450 households with an official certificate or applying biodynamic teaching Steiner "by conviction" without a certificate (for example, in France and Italy for about 30,000 farms producing wine under their own label), which makes the biodynamic wine very rare product.
In the Russian-language literature translated sometimes encountered the word "organic production/wine"-in the most cases, this is the wrong translation concept of “organic".



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