Вина из Саперави очень медленно созревают и долго сохраняют свои качества (50 и более лет). Наиболее высокое качество вин из Саперави отмечается Еще »

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Certificate On Organic Production

The declared operator has submitted his activities under control, and meets the requirements laid down in mentioned standards. More »

Certificate GE-BIO-117
Code GC/DM/ICP-3.8.4
is accredited by DAkkS

Traditional wines from Kvevri

 Subsequent development of viticulture and winemaking led to the identification of valuable native grape varieties, as well as to direct the zoning on the vine varieties. Storage vessels were improved, as well as Georgian wine and it's ageing. These pitchers - Kvevri, aka clay pots - were the most important in the production of local wines.

Harvested grapes for processing is delivered in a special room "Marani"(winery). Here grapes are placed in a large vat-spinning-"Satsnakheli"-carved solid trunk of a large tree. Usually, grapes are crushed by foot. Thus isolated grape juice runs down the gutters for fermentation, ageing and storage jars are buried in the ground - Kvevri, aka clay pot. The culture of Kvevri was discovered during excavations in the ancient layers of almost all wine regions of Georgia.

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