Вина из Саперави очень медленно созревают и долго сохраняют свои качества (50 и более лет). Наиболее высокое качество вин из Саперави отмечается Еще »

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Certificate GE-BIO-117
Code GC/DM/ICP-3.8.4
is accredited by DAkkS


In Georgia

The main grape varieties, that cultivated in Georgia- it is a traditional local grape varieties-Rkatsiteli (in georgian-"red horn"), Saperavi ("dye").


Saperavi has no synonyms. Since ancient times, during the period of culture class, a large number of variations have formed. Differing mainly in size and shape of grapes and berries, which are given various names. Saperavi is old Georgian grade. The name "Saperavi" grade was due to the high content in berries colouring substances, which are used to dye white wines, gain colour for some red varieties. According to the morphological characteristics and biological properties, Saperavi refers to the eco-geographical group of Black Sea- proles Pontica Negr. Direct indication of the time of Saperavi is not preserved. However, some data suggests that it attributes to the group of the most ancient Georgian varieties. According to Academician I.Javakhishvili (1934), the emergence of varieties was first noted on the east coast of the Black Sea in the Georgian province Shavsheti-Klarjeti, several centuries earlier than Kartalinia, where he was well known in the early XVII century. Presumably, Saperavi first appeared in the Colchis hearth, forming grape cultivars and gradually spread to the east and south-east Kartalinia thence in Kakheti.
Georgian Saperavi began to spread to other areas of the grape. Table wine from Saperavi significantly improves when exposed for a long time and maintains it's quality (40-50 years), particularly wine, cooked Kakhetian method. Especially good wines are those that exposure from 4 to 30 years. The most complete and extractive wine materials prepared according to old methods and modernised by Kakheties.
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