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The oldest wine-growing region

Since ancient times, Georgia is one of the recognised homes for main sources of the wine and viticulture. On the territory of Georgia has been discovered prints of grape leaves from past geological epochs, and the cemeteries of the Bronze Age jugs of grape seed residues, as well as many other data. The archaeology leaves no doubt in the past era Georgia was one of the progenitors of the wine.


The history of winemaking in the Caucasus.

The great number of diverse indigenous grape varieties indicates that Georgia is a hotbed of formation of wild and cultivated grapes. Found during archaeological excavations in the territory of winemaking equipment - stone presses, Apiary, various wine vessels of clay and metal, related to III-II millennium BC, testifies the fact that in those days the wine industry was the main economic activity of the Georgian people. In the 9-th century in the ancient Georgian city of Ikalto, in the Academy of Education, a division of wine Department was founded, which continued the development of the ancient Georgian winemaking traditions. One of the greatest Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli had studied in this Academy.
 Georgia is one of the main sources of the wine and cultural birthplace of viticulture. On the territory of Georgia, there has been discovered prints of grape leaves from past geological epochs. During the archaeological excavations in the cemeteries of the Bronze age were discovered remains of jugs, grape seeds, grape equipment - stone presses, Apiary, various wine vessels of clay and metal related to IX-X millennium BC. In Georgia derived autochthonous grape varieties and there is a natural zoning vine of variety.
Created its own technology of wine production: Kakheti, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhum (or production of naturally semi-sweet wines). There are studies of European scientists confirming the penetration of wine culture in Europe from the territory of Georgia. Thus, we can assume that Georgia is perhaps the oldest wine country. According to ampelographic directories, the cultural assortment of local grapes of Georgia has more than 500 titles.

The modern period

In Soviet times, the production of Georgian wine primarily paid attention to the quantity of the product. Of course, high quantities of wine production led to a significant deterioration in the quality of wine. The main trouble of the Soviet period was the fact that almost all Georgian wines bottled in Tbilisi winery experienced a prolonged transport, which is a very negative impact on the quality of wine. And the final product was obtained "impersonal" it means that it was impossible to identify the entire chain of wine producers (vineyard, primary production, obtaining raw wine, secondary production-bottling). As consequence, it was impossible to determine the quality of a product by looking at the label of wine. This problem was exacerbated by the lack of a clear regulatory framework, which regulates the production of wine and the conductive line between ordinary and vintage wines. In Soviet times, mainly cultivated grape varieties, which don't require nursing care, so these valuable varieties, such as Mtsvane Tsitska are a rarity now in Georgia. Their recovery is just beginning. Widespread use of hybrid varieties, obtained by breeding to increase yields, now makes winemakers find ways to search for pure Saperavi or Rkatseteli that brings additional difficulties in the work to improve the quality of Georgian wine. Nevertheless, the quality of Georgian wines, even at that time could be called excellent. In the USSP and abroad, there were sufficiently well-known brands of Georgian wines. List of quality wines produced in Georgia can be continued long enough.




Historic wine of region 




Grand among white wines, pride Georgian wine, light straw color, fruity bouquet with a lovely, soft delicate taste.



Excellent naturally semi-sweet wine with a strong pleasant bouquet, bright dark garnet color and a rare harmony of taste properties of chocolate tones.



Quality naturally semi-sweet wine with intense dark red colour, fine bouquet, delicate, harmonious velvety taste.



Red wine has an intense, deep dark garnet color, with a distinctive harmonic flavor, astringency, developed bouquet.


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